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Enjin Wallet Review (Updated to include Enjin marketplace!)

Enjin Wallet Review Enjin Wallet Review Summary

Enjin wallet is a secure and easy to use mobile cryptocurrency wallet. It’s extremely simple and intuitive, with advanced features such as Dapp Browser, QR code airdrops and Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The two-layer security features are top of the class for mobile devices. Enjin wallet is definitely our top recommendation.

To learn more about Enjin check out our Enjin (ENJ) Guide.

How to download the Enjin Wallet?

The wallet is available for use on mobile devices powered by iOS or Android operating systems. Download the Enjin wallet on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Security Features

Security is the biggest concern for wallets as hackers are known to attack various wallets and attempt to steal funds. Enjinwallet offers the best in class security for mobile wallets.

Two-layer encryption: Hardware AES and software encryption is employed on the lower and application layer respectively Secure keyboard: The protected keyboard bars keyloggers and/or data sniffers from tapping into your mobile device to steal data. It can also be randomized to increase security. Custom libraries: Enjin Wallet features custom libraries that remove the private keys from the device memory after use – significantly reducing the attack service. Protection processor flaws: special code is put in place to deal with flaws in ARM processors. Security Audited: ORU security team found no issues that could be used to compromise the wallet or the cryptographic keys stored in the system (full security report here) Samsung Blockchain Keystore support: Enjin supports the Samsung Blockchain Keystore for private key protection under Samsung’s military grade security Knox.

Mobile wallets are classified as a “Hot Wallet” – meaning this wallet is connected to the internet. The Enjin team has devised special counter-measures to deal with hackers attempting to steal cryptocurrenci...

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