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We’re committed to creating the most seamless user experience in the crypto space, which is why we’ve made some big changes to the way Gen 3 works. Find out about them all in our latest blog.

Something that often gets ignored in the crypto space is user-friendliness.

Tech announcements? New dApps? Extra features? These are the things that usually get people excited - yet could they be distracting us from our ultimate shared goal of mainstream adoption? Because, if adoption is really what will supercharge the crypto industry, we need to take user experience seriously. After all, few would question how valuable user experience is to any successful, customer-facing technology company. It is the very journey a customer takes when interacting with a product.

At Energi, we’re on a mission to make crypto as accessible as possible for everyone. While we know there’s a long way to go, we’re working every day to get there. And it’s why user experience was so relevant when it came to creating Gen 3.

In this blog, we’ll go behind-the-scenes to see what we’ve been up to.

Rewiring the Way Masternodes Work

Our masternodes are the pillars of Energi; they support the entire network. Their importance cannot be overstated, yet we know setting them up and managing them can seem intimidating. That’s why, with Gen 3, we’ve moved as many of the administrative processes as we could online. By doing so, we wanted to make the process as seamless and intuitive as possible.

There are some new changes from Gen 2. Firstly, you can manage masternodes via our new web portal, Nexus. Whereas before, you needed to use a debug console and manage configuration files manually to setup your masternodes, this central hub makes it a one-time activity.

Secondly, with Gen 3, you can set up any amount of NRG from 1,000 NRG to 100,000 NRG — as long as it’s in increments of 1,000 — all on one server. This means there’s now a lower entry point to own a masternode, as well as more flexibility since it is much easier to use larger masternode collateral with a single instance now.

Added to that, Gen 3 features an automated process that automatically...

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