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What is EmerSSH? FAQ

What is EmerSSH? FAQ EmerSSH technology is based on blockchain

What is EmerSSH?    It is a worldwide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) providing up-to-date, trusted user keys to create secure client-server connections. It is more than a standard PKI, allowing us to build trusted networks on any scale, including worldwide. For more details about what PKI is and what it is used for, search Russian Wikipedia.

How to install and setup EmerSSH    What is the difference between PKI EmerSSH and standard PKI?    Problems that EmerSSH solves:

The large amount of work required for setting up access rights and the necessity for perfection. System administrators have to perform a large amount of work, recording the number of users using the servers, and there is no room for error (mistakes are very costly) (this problem can be solved by any PKI). The impossibility of quick addition and removal of users to multiple servers. It is impossible to deny access to a user on multiple servers quickly (in the cases of access restriction or password loss) (this problem can be solved by any PKI)The administrative channel could be compromised, i.e. hackers can take control and acquire access rights to the server (this problem is solved by any PKI to a varying degree, however only EmerSSH solves this problem without additional expense)It requires the allocation of additional resources (servers, “domain controllers”, human resources) to manage the PKI. These are necessary for further server maintenance. In fact, it requires its own internal network of access control servers (domain controllers) for ensuring secure communication, purchasing or generating certificates, and maintaining network certificates (generation, distribution) (this problem can be completely solved by EmerSSH alone)The problem of the head (central) system administrator(s). There is too much power concentrated within the administrators of the central server. There is a chief administrator (or seve...
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