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[such article] This has needed to be said for a long time.

A few days ago, a Redditor asked whether Dogecoin (DOGE) has plans of implementing the Lightning network. To this, one of Dogecoin’s developers responded that it will probably never happen. That’s because the problems that such solutions are looking to solve are non-existent in Dogecoin.

The whole point behind such a solution is to help the network scale, by taking transactions off the main chain. However, up to this point, Dogecoin (DOGE) has proven itself to have the capacity to scale without any issues. It doesn’t have the problems that Bitcoin and many other coins have, that is the inability to handle lots of transactions without congestion. He stated that,

“Dogecoin is a fourth/fifth generation Litecoin forked coin however along the way many issues relating to the scaling proposed problems were addressed in a manner that made a very stable, healthy main net able to handle a load many other assets could not. It seems rather silly to me as a person, and as a developer to simply adopt so many issues from already known to be broken technology that seems to run counter to the very base ideals of decentralization. I understand buzzwords, hype and the mess that people like to tote around; but that does not make the actual tech good. In the case of LN it has had a while now to produce anything remarkable, yet still is not really stable enough to support a small transaction load, let alone the load of an asset like Dogecoin that does not gain anything but bugs, issues, and transaction failures from the adoption of it…”

This Dogecoin developer is not the first one to take jabs at the LN, with regards to their compatibility with the ideals of decentralization. Decentralization seems to be the biggest problem that second layer solutions like LN face. That’s because such solutions are to some extent centralized, which defeats the whole essence of decentralized cryptocurrencies in the first place.

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