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Quick Tips to avoid stressing about your Crypto Trades in times of COVID19

Quick Tips to avoid stressing about your Crypto Trades in times of COVID19

Hope everyone’s keeping safe at home during these stressful times.

While COVID19 may bring about stress especially with all the negativity flying around about the pandemic, there are a lot of positives to be happy about.

You get to spend time with your family You don’t need to commute to work Working with your pyjamas

Not forgetting Crypto Trading anytime thanks to the digital asset market being 24/7!!

Then again we all are human and the negativity can affect the Crypto trading. So we at Koinfox thought of sharing quick tips to avoid stressing about your Crypto trading during these times.

Tip 1 — Patience

Thought Bitcoin (BTC) would flourish and move past $10k but instead in reality it fell below the $9k level? Relax! This is the Crypto market we are talking about, and joining your hands while staring at your screen is not going to help your position. Instead walk away for awhile and binge watch your favourite TV show or better yet spend some time with your family.

What if BTC bounces back? Simple utilize Advanced Order Types such as Advanced Brackets to Buy/Sell at a specific price and Exit your trade at Multiple target prices.

Example — Place your buy at your target price and once executed, your target sell price which is destined according to your strategy will be waiting to formalize.

No more having to pause your TV show every 5 minutes, or talking to your family while staring at the screen!

Tip 2 — Sleep Enough

Just because you are working from home does not mean you should be having absurd sleep patterns.

Your excuse — ‘But in the night there is more opportunity for me to trade and make a quick buck as the American/European/Asian markets are open!’

Koinfox suggests to sleep enough and enjoy those dreams while at the same time making a profit through Crypto trading.

Thanks to Koi...

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