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Dogecoin Core Developer sees it Becoming a Genuine Currency, and a Part of the Ethereum Ecosystem

Dogecoin, everyone’s favorite meme coin started as a joke by Jackson Palmer may not be a joke after all. It is the 20th largest Cryptocurrency with a market cap of $650 Million surpassing the privacy coin Zcash.

Dogecoin has one of the most active communities in the Cryptocurrency space, with the developers working on shipping the next 1.14 client update to the network.

The coin has seen an increase in price since late August when it pumped by over 70% in just two days. After a slight drop, the Shiba meme based coin has pretty much stabilized maintaining the 85-90 Satoshis range.

In a recent interview with Blokt, Dogecoin core developer Ross Nicoll gives us some insights on things to look forward in Dogecoin.

Doge Ethereum Bridge

Using the ‘SuperBlocks‘ concept, the developers announced a way to seamlessly transfer DOGE to the Ethereum Blockchain and back. The development is currently in the alpha stage, however, Ross says he is looking forward to seeing the completed bridge.

He said:

This is a huge step forward, and we’re excited to see the completed bridge. We’re currently waiting on a delivery timetable from Oscar and his team, and will, of course, announce more as soon as we know.

It is important to note that the Dogethereum coin (DOGX) has nothing to do with this project, it is a completely unrelated project merely playing on the name.

Coinbase Submission?

Coinbase recently revamped their listing process, which basically opened the doors for projects to submit to get listed on their platform. Nicoll stated that the team is preparing their submission to get Dogecoin listed on Coinbase.

When asked about the future of Dogecoin, Ross stated that he sees Dogecoin being a genuine Cryptocurrency of the internet in five years. He also stated that he is excited to see Dogecoin being an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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