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Digix Dev Update — 24th July 2017

Digix Dev Update — 24th July 2017

Business Update

Office Preparations

Our new office is almost ready to move into next week to accommodate an expanded team.

Paying our duesDues paid

Mandarin AMA held

Canaan Liu, our chinese community manager, did a great job last weekend fielding a live AMA about Digix’s business and explanation of the core concepts to the new interested users of Digix. Topics that were discussed went from the fundamental explanation of what DGD and DGX is, to the elaborate explanation of the DigixDAO voting and governance structure.

The summary of the chat can be found in the compiled PDF here as done by one of the followers in the WeChat.

We are very excited with the level of engagement we are getting in the Chinese space.

One of Digix’s WeChat group

From Slack to Discord for public communications

We intend to migrate away from Slack for communications due to various security leakages on this platform and onto the discord server. We will leave our slack channel open for the month of August while migrating to a different community chat service. More will be announced in the coming days.

Kyber.Network Presentation at Microsoft Singapore

We co-hosted Kyber.network to a great turnout at the Microsoft offices last week. As you may know, Loi is assisting Digix in the audits of our core contracts.

Loi Luu from kyber.network

Anthony Eufemio (CTO)

Last week Chris and I worked closely together in Singapore to polish the KYC microservice. The UI is nearing completion which Chris has provided an update on below.

I have also completed the trusted price feed system which will be used for our Ether to Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) marketplace which will allow users to purchase DGX directly for Ethers.

We have also reached the 2nd week of part 2 of our security audits. This Saturday we met with the SmartPool team to have a face to face discussions on the progress and key find...

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