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Digix Dev Update — 17th July 2017 – Digix – Medium

The INBlockchain conference saw other founders from Sia Coin, ZCash, GXS, EOS, 8btc.com, OmiseGo, imToken and other notable Chinese projects sharing about their project and plans.

Li Xiaolai

I’m traveling to Beijing over the next two days to discuss and meet with consulting and research groups to discuss in greater depth the outreach of Digix in China for our upcoming relaunch of DGX.

Anthony Eufemio (CTO)

Last week I completed work on the KYC microservice and have handed the API over to Chris for the front-end work. I’ve also finished work on our trusted price feed system which allows us to feed real world prices into the DigixCore Marketplace contracts for ETH to DGX token purchases.

This week I will be creating the Solidity contracts for the DigixCore Marketplace which uses the trusted price feeds as well as fixing some minor bugs that were discovered during the first week of round 2 of the security audits for our DigixCore 2.0 contracts.

Chris Hitchcott (Core Dev)

Last week, I re-implemented the user interface for the KYC system (as the backend has an updated API), which included adding proper routing for spectrum via react-router-4 and creating some useful additional components (like a menu system and generalised image-upload-and-resize). I also added `hdPath` support for sigmate, updated/optimized webpack config for spectrum and spent some time figuring out why we couldn’t replicate the results of some tests in different environments and added tests to cover this in future — FYI, troubleshooting revealed that testrpc 4.0 doesn’t use `sign` in the standard way and thus creates a malformed hash.

This new KYC UI is now implemented as a dapplet and is thus integrated with Spectrum, which is proving to be a powerful combination even for contractless apps. You can take any react(-redux) application (in this case, ruby-authenticated app) and easily inject all of Spectrum’s features (including signing transactions,...

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