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Digix Dev Update — 10th July 2017

Kc Chng (CEO)

Our core contracts have been submitted for a second round of audits to fix the bugs and issues identified in the first round. It has been estimated to take up to three weeks.

Concurrently, we are also working on the UI for the marketplace which Chris and Anthony will share more about below.

Shaun, Digix’s CCO, will be away in Shanghai and Beijing to present more about Digix at a conference.

We are also expanding our team and moving to our own offices by the end of the month. We would like to also thank SGInnovate for giving us the opportunity to work out of the sponsored offices for the past 6 months, incubating us together with the likes of TenX and Attores (who are working on project Indorse right now).

Anthony Eufemio (CTO)

Early last week we sent back our DigixCore 2.0 contracts to SmartPool for the second round of security audits.

I was in the Philippines where I interviewed some software developers to help augment our tech team and help us with the back office services which will be used for our customer support, order tracking, and order processing.

I started work on the KYC-AML microservice which I plan on completing in about a day or so. The goal is to have this ready in a week so that users who are interested in purchasing DGX gold tokens through our marketplace will be able to start going through our standard KYC process a few weeks prior to our soft launch of DigixCore 2.0.

Shaun Djie, (CCO)

I’ll be heading to Shanghai and Beijing later in the week for a presentation at a conference held by Yunbi and INBlockchain.

This INBlockchain event are attended by other founders from Zcash, Steemit, Sia and various key stakeholders of Chinese exchanges and policymakers as well, alongside 300 of the biggest customers to Yunbi.

We are starting to ramp up our Chinese media presence and engagement and this trip will also include interviews with media houses and community managers to see how we can collaborate to push the agenda of Digix within China.

In addition, meetings for business development has been arranged and it’s going to be an exciting week of events to look forward to.

Chris Hitchcott (Core Dev)

This week has consisted mostly of writing tests (in various different contexts). I missed two days of dev time last week whilst travelling to Singapore arranging accommodation.

I added support for signing messages with @digix/truffle-lightwallet-provider, which will be used to secure the marketplace price feed. I added tests for the new ECVerification contract, as well as additional test cases for the updated pagination mechanism (using a ‘Set’ rather than Double Linked List).

With Spectrum, the Contribution Bounty Program is working! We have two new contributors to Spectrum, and we’ve already made our first payout for feature ideas. I’ve begun writing cucumber tests to cover e2e tests, and thanks to the help of the bounty hunters, we now have continuous integration (which I migrated to work with the original repo). Now, for each and every commit to Spectrum, TravisCI will automatically build and test, Coveralls will generate coverage reports and SauceLabs will create a video of the cucumber acceptance tests! Coveralls will also be making sure all dependencies are up to date. I believe this is one of the few projects that goes this far into UI testing — hopefully it becomes more common.