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Digibyte is lame. The pump is just speculation cause it's cheap, this coin is going nowhere. It's old and has no development.


The truth about this "innovative" cryptocurrency (sarcasm……..)

Jared "The wallet" Tate

Coins come and go but when it comes to $DGB; It's a persistent fucker.

In theory this should mean that there is something that gives the project a reason to exist but as of yet there really isn't any other than gossip (fuelled by whales) and a lack of development. Warning; This article might sting!

"BUT DGB TO THE MOON, THE PRICE IS HIGH, LOOK LOOK! YOLO!"Yes $DGB went up quite a lot in value last week (before it crashed again) though this can be traced back to several whales who had a financial incentive to pump the coin (they bought millions if not billions below 100 sat) which got dumped on anyone who bought in at a higher level.

p.s. They got more waiting so feel free to jump in the same trap twice

People are like music: Some speak the truth and others are just noise….

"THEIR GITHUB HAS SO MUCH CODE AND GETS UPDATES DAILY!?"Yes, to the untrained eye it might look like there is a lot of things going on at the DGB GitHub but when you dig a bit deeper you'll soon find out that 99% of all commits are just merges with Bitcoin core updates.

Sadly this is not where it ends;  It turns out that Jared also figured it was a good idea to just copy+paste the multi-algo from Myriad, slap the DGB name on it and call it a day.

It is worth remembering that a chunk of the changes (DGB / Myriad) is just 5 hash algorithms — which in turn are just a copy/paste job from the people who actually created those hash algorithms

By doing a bit of fiddling and comparing code between the before mentioned projects it turns out that in total (here it comes)….

DGB only has 200 unique lines of code that have been written by the DigiByte development team. OMG!

Yes, that is correct, they have been lazy enough to only write 200 unique lines of code. Didn't expect that did you?


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