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Marketing Strategies

The price is sliding down, following and view counts not growing, and people are still not going crazy about Decred all over the place.

(^catchy opener there)

Two proposals for Ditto PR, Marketing 2019 and Events 2019 are collectively capped at $790,000 for ~1 year of work. (I say “capped” because we don’t know how much was actually spent, but this is a separate issue*). Note that the payments are made at market DCR rates that I find very low, so it is a considerable load on the Treasury. The 4 marketing proposals are around 26% of project’s total burn rate of ~$3M/year (my rough estimate, corrections appreciated).

The efforts and expenses brought us some good results but some things that I expected didn’t happen. I couldn’t stop thinking what we are missing. As existing marketing contracts move to their end and we prepare for the next round I think now is a good moment to discuss possible adjustments to marketing strategies. Below are general directions I believe we should consider.

Evaluate existing work

First of all we must know how efficient are our existing marketing efforts. For that we need to have good vision of what was done, assess it in terms of deliverables outlined in the proposals, and try to measure the impact. It all starts with reporting.

Ditto reports twice a month, which is amazing and sets an example for all proposals.

Marketing and Events proposals kind of report via monthly summaries in Decred Journal (DJ) but it is far from what I’d like to see. Aside from clearly visible deliverables like Decred Assembly or Decred in Depth releases, summaries for Marketing have incomplete and unclear coverage of how items outlined in the proposal are progressing.

As for Events, the high level reporting in DJ is not robust because the summaries are compiled by DJ authors and not by proposal owners, and there is no established reporting practice yet. Some people submit full event reports (thank you, kee...

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