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Decred wants you! Calling all space travelers

Over the past several months, we have seen Decred contractors grow from a group of 10 to a group of over 25 individuals. This growth has been entirely organic, and while the growth has been significant, we are looking to further grow our ranks in the immediate future. Since Decred has a steadily accumulating development subsidy at a rate of DCR 21,456 per month, as of June 2017, this means there is roughly USD 430,000 available per month for project-related expenditures. Currently, we are spending approximately USD 100,000 per month on development, marketing and design, which is less than 25% of the current development subsidy rate. In order to accelerate the development of Decred infrastructure, we are aiming to spend most or all of the monthly development subsidy on an ongoing basis.

While a conventional business might take this as an opportunity to go on a hiring spree, Decred is not a conventional business and will take a different approach. The scope of a cryptocurrency project is far larger than that of most conventional businesses, which leads to a wide variety of tasks that need to be performed as part of building it out. Beyond having a large scope, a cryptocurrency project that funds its own development must necessarily do so by paying its various contractors using its own tokens, which complicates the typical process of hiring employees that occurs with conventional corporate entities. To date, Decred has been operating more as a collective than a corporate entity, where interested parties show up and pitch in, helping out where there is a need using whatever skills they have. Since most Decred workflows are public, people or corporate entities who are interested in becoming paid contractors can show up, do a bit of work, see if they like doing it, and then get paid for their work, assuming the existing contractors approve of their work product. Rather than focusing on resumes, credentials and interviews, ...

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