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The Metaverse is Taking Over the Physical World(Worth reading article, Decentraland mentioned!!!)

Imagine a place where you could always stay young, name a city after yourself, or even become the president — sounds like a dream? Well, if not in the real world, such dreams can definitely be fulfilled in the virtual world of a metaverse. The metaverse is believed by some to be the future of the internet, where apart from surfing, people would also be able to enter inside the digital world of the internet, in the form of their avatars. 

The advent of AR, blockchain, and VR devices in the last few years has sparked the development of the metaverse. Moreover, the unprecedented growth of highly advanced technologies in the gaming industry, which offer immersive gameplay experiences, not only provides us a glimpse of how the metaverse would look like but also indicates that we are closer than ever to experience a virtual world of our own.

What is the metaverse? Source: Kelvin Han/Unsplash

A metaverse is a group of persistent, shared 3D virtual environments where you (in the form of your digital avatar) can visit places, shop for products, subscribe to services, work with your colleagues, play games, and even customize the scenes around you to meet your personal tastes and requirements, and the digital assets you own. So essentially, a metaverse is a virtual world or worlds, that would allow you to go inside the digital world — to be in rather than on the digital space.

In the coming years, I expect people will transition from seeing us primarily as a social media company to seeing us as a metaverse company.  Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

The concept of a metaverse has been depicted in The Matrix, Pokemon Go, Minority Report, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Black Mirror, and countless other movies, video games, and TV shows. However, people still await to experience an immersive metaverse in the real world. Interestingly, companies like Facebook and Microsoft have already announced million-dollar plans directed towards the creation of the met...

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