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This Week at the DIF - The 1st Monthly Fact Sheet!

This Week at the DIF — The 1st Monthly Fact Sheet!

The entrance of February means the release of the Dash Investment Foundation’s first monthly Fact Sheet (below), which summarizes the DIF’s assets and their valuations for the month of January. We hope you enjoy viewing these Fact Sheets on a monthly basis henceforth.

(Please click the image if you wish to view it larger.)


We are still pursuing the opening of several trading accounts, and though we’ve successfully opened one (as reported last week), you see in the Fact Sheet above that we’ve chosen to hold back on the initial balancing into gold until we have access to the most desirable spreads and/or order book sizes that we can get.

A happy coincidence of this challenging process is that since we began trying to open accounts in earnest, the Dash price has gone up well over 100%! So in this instance, the hassle has been a blessing in disguise, as gold certainly did not perform nearly so well within the same time period.

“Fortune cat” smiles on the Dash price as we continue wading through account-openings — lucky! Private Equity

Company C — After months of investigation and deliberation, we’ve decided that while this opportunity may well be advantageous to the Dash network, the advantage is more likely to be strategic than it is to be strictly profitable.

Because of this distinction, we’ve decided that the DFO (Dash-funded organization) which pitched the opportunity to the DIF should ultimately be responsible for making any network proposal for it (as opposed to the DIF making such a proposal).

This approach ensures that the granularity of the Dash treasury system remains intact, which keeps lines of responsibility clear. So to summarize, equity acquisitions sought by various branches of the DAO primarily for strategic purposes (whether they be for product, marketing, business development, etc.) will remain the responsibility of the relevant DFOs...

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