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The DIF this past year, looking back. I'm impressed. Video in comments related.

A question came up on Telegram and I'll put the answer here for better visibility:

"Thanks! I read yours. It tells about your background and relevant credentials but not what direction you would want the DIF to take; what kind of investments you would push for and the like."

Good question. The profile sections were given by Dash Watch and didn't get into goals and intentions. But of course that's important in any election.

I could answer with a one-liner - transactions! - but to address the "and the like" part and give a better picture to everyone wondering how I'm wired, let me digress a bit.

I often read comments like "Dash is hugely undervalued!" I understand people are unhappy with the price (so am I!), but - gasp! - I disagree with that statement.

To determine if something is undervalued, we first have to define what value is. Value investing is actually a common investment strategy. It means identifying investment targets that are undervalued and then holding them longterm. Sounds familiar? But value here is defined by fundamentals - clearly measurable indicators such as revenue, profit, cash flow, assets, expense ratios etc. Dash doesn't have any of that. How could it? It's not a company stock, after all.

But if we can't clearly measure value, we can hardly claim that something is under or overvalued. Some might argue that Dash is priced based on potential, expectations of future usefulness. I also call that hopium. At the end of the day, that's pretty much the definition of speculation. A long way from value. Prices based on speculation swing wildly up and down, depending on how strong the hopium is that day and on herd mentality, things like FOMO, with nothing dampening those swings or providing some guard rails for where the price truly should be. And at the whims of nothing but speculation, Dash, like other cryptos, is priced exactly where the speculators see it. Which means it's priced exactly right, at the equilibrium of ...

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