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Questions answered during the Dash Core Group quarterly call have been (automatically) transcribed below:

Q: As we move from build to launch of 1.0, how does DCG plan to support the go-to-market (of DashPay specifically)? Core team product marketing hires? Partnering with an external agency? (craigwrong)A (Fernando): As we know and, and as Bob has detailed previously, DashPay is one of the two parts of what we have always called "Evolution" that we'll be launching soon, the other part being Dash Platform. Both go together, and in fact Dash Platform is a prerequisite for DashPay to work. Dash Platform will be on testnet in late 2019, and DashPay will arrive sometime in 2020 once that is working well. So both launches go together. In the case of DashPay, we are working on a plan that includes our own channels, the community and some extra PR effort. This plan would require very little money and it's limited by definition. On top of that, we're working on different pieces to add that would require extra funds that we would need to request from the network when the time comes. In September, as Ryan mentioned before, we would go through a call to discuss marketing with those interested and get some feedback on those pieces and also new ideas the community may have to introduce in the plan. We are exploring promotions, some ads, some events, but as I said these will all depend on the resources available because right now the full focus of the organization is putting the resources towards software delivery and the marketing activities of the reduced budget. Even the base plan we are working out there to get into the community and our own channels could get significant results. Not everything needs to be paid. Q: What has been happening with Shift PR since the DAO voted to change PR company, and what can we expect from them? (krish)Q: I think our new PR firm, in combination with Core, needs to come up with a better plan and be very transparent about that plan to the community. (...) Are there objective metrics that we use to evaluate the performance of our Public Relation...
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