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Doing "Troll Patrol" Makes Your Arguments and Crypto Knowledge Better

I’ve been working on a series of lessons I’ve learned from defending Dash against online trolls. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how much I’ve learned. Yes, it might be a pain to do, but arguing with hateful people on the internet is one of the best ways of developing a deep and broad understanding of the cryptocurrency world.

If you’re trying to be effective, you’ll have to stick to facts

Remember that troll patrol isn’t counter-trolling. If all you’re doing is angrily yelling back, all you’ve done is increase the trolling in that situation, not decrease it. In order to put your effort to good use you need to make logical arguments. The haters state an opinion. Ask why they think that. They make a claim. Call it out as false, and provide evidence. Since the point of trolling isn’t to establish clear, level-headed arguments by turning the conversation in this direction you’re both winning and challenging yourself.

Trolls will be creative, and that’s good

During the many long months doing this, I’ve heard all the usual hater talking points. There’s about a half-dozen common ones, two or so based loosely on real concerns but easily addressable, and the rest lies, exaggerations, and otherwise misinformation. But once in a while, you’ll hear something crazy that you’ve never come across before, and that will make you think. Yes, a desperate troll just coming up with anything to trash your project might cause you to consider the situation from an angle you’d never thought of before. All those unanticipated attacks make your arguments and knowledge stronger.

You’ll know (and respect) other coins better

Few people in the cryptospace waste their time trolling just for the fun of it. Sure, they may be having fun, but most have an agenda, direct or otherwise, to make their coin get ahead. This means that, while countering false narratives, you invariably come across plenty of comparisons to ot...

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