Dash for Sale at 1,800+ Austrian Post Offices, Florida Adds New Dash-Branded ATM

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Dash will be available for purchase at thousands of post office locations across Austria, as well as at a ninth Dash ATM in Florida.

European cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda, which integrated with Dash this spring, has partnered with over 1,800 post office branches in Austria. This partnership will allow customers to buy vouchers for Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at participating branches. The vouchers can then be redeemed on the Bitpanda website for cryptocurrency. This will allow users to buy from the exchange quickly and in-person, and greatly expand access to digital currencies in Europe.

https://t.co/KWVpNWiaIC is now live. 🎉 You can now buy #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Litecoin, #Dash in 1,800 post office branches. pic.twitter.com/ZlrUUp1fnE — BITPANDA.com (@BITPANDAcom) July 11, 2017

BTCU.biz also added Dash to its network recently, expanding access to buy Dash to over 9,000 kiosks all across Ukraine.

ByteFederal adds ninth Dash ATM, switches to Dash-focused branding

Recently, ByteFederal, a Bitcoin ATM operator, began offering Dash at all eight of their Florida locations, doubling the count of active and publicly-listed Dash ATMs around the world. ByteFederal just added a ninth ATM at the Florida Keys Visitor’s Center in Key Largo. Additionally, these ATMs will move to branding that focuses on Dash instead of Bitcoin.

Lee from @ByteFederal hard at work. Sunday morning Dash ATM install. pic.twitter.com/pvk6QpgSRE — Dash AeroSports (@TheDashRacer) July 9, 2017

Scott Farnsworth of Dash Aerosports has been a key element in the Florida Bitcoin ATM network both adding Dash and switching to Dash branding. Farnsworth submitted a successful proposal for Dash treasury funding to promote Dash through Dash-branded aerobatic racing at airshows around the world

pic.twitter.com/0OoDfZX0eg — Dash AeroSports (@TheDashRacer) July 7, 2017

Dash’s adoption sprint

As the initial releases of the initial stages of the much-awaited Evolution upgrade draw nearer, Dash continues its efforts to gain as much adoption and use as possible before the mass adoption-geared update is available. At present, DiscoverDash, a project of the Dash Force, lists 137 Dash accepting businesses around the world, including organic farms, VPS hosting services, shooting ranges, helicopter tours, resorts and more. This number continues to grow daily as more businesses and users begin using Dash.