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The way forward for DAR and MER

The way forward

What a great 15 months we have had! We launched our private business-focused blockchain platform Jupiter, created a cross-pollination verification program for private blockchains, we’ve seen our first customers, Mercury was airdropped to thousands of early Waves and Darcrus adopters and added to Bittrex, Tidex and Upbit, we successfully ran a 50,000 MER treasure hunt, Steven has resigned from his day job and now works full-time at Sigwo Technologies, and Mercury became the most used Waves token.


If you have been with us since the early days, you know Darcrus had a simple ICO, which was hosted on Bittrex according to all applicable laws at that time. The Darcrus ICO’s function was to pay for software development of a layer on top of an existing blockchain. After running tests on Nxt, we became aware that this approach was economically unsustainable. We needed our own blockchain for this development. At this time, we commissioned the creators of Nxt to build our team a specific blockchain. Jupiter was born in February 2017. Using Jupiter as their software platform for blockchain applications, Sigwo Technologies would use 10% of the net profits to buy back and burn Darcrus for the eventual exhaustion of all Darcrus from the market. We had two successful burns in May and September.

In October, Darcrus was delisted from Bittrex because of our buyback and burn program. It had a severe effect on liquidity in the market, but the Darcrus team wanted to stay true to the spirit of the project’s charter.

Yet as you all know, the cryptocurrency landscape has changed, immensely, since this time. Here in the United States, the SEC is the regulatory body for securities. This federal government agency is responsible for protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly securities markets and facilitating capital formation. In the past few months they have increasingly broadened their view of what they consider a ‘securi...

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