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CRO · 20w JUNE updates

Hello July! spares no time to continue building and growing. As we welcome the new month, here’s a look at what took place in June:

U.S. Cards Coming 7-14 has unveiled the updated MCO Card designs ahead of its U.S. card launch date which has been set to July 14, 2019. The new design features the iconic brand icon, the Ethereum Lion, while the range also added the Frosted Rose Gold card by community request. Read more here.

Crypto Earn Makes Important Progress

After its initial release, Crypto Earn continues to enhance its features:

It was opened to users in 37 eligible U.S. states, including the State of Illinois that now has access to services. MCO was added to Crypto Earn, where users can earn up to 8% p.a. on MCO deposits. The USD Coin (USDC) is also available for deposit now, which was announced when it was listed on the App.

Crypto Super App

The team introduced the Crypto Super App menu to ease user access to functions for all their crypto needs. The App now sports the iconic “Ethereum Lion” logo in the middle of the navigation bar that opens up to a Super App menu in one tap. Pay New Feature

The team launched the new Pay Gift Card feature that enhances the CRO Token Utility. Users can shop at over 40 worldwide prominent brands by purchasing gift cards with crypto. The gift cards get users up to 10% cashback when they purchase with CRO. Read more here. Pay Demonstration

The team took to a retail merchant location to demonstrate Pay’s ability to enable instant cryptocurrency payments on existing merchant payment rails. Read more here. App Multiple Listings

With our new token infrastructure in place, we continue to list coins and token projects in the App, adding 14 more to our platform in June including VeChain’s VET, Stel...

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