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Secret contracts are coming to mainnet! After years of development and two public testnets, we’re ready to bring secret contracts to life, making Secret Network the first privacy-preserving blockchain of its kind on 15 September!

Hello to the community!

Today we are extremely excited to announce our most exciting milestone to date: the introduction of privacy-preserving secret contracts to the Secret Network mainnet. The proposal to introduce secret contracts to mainnet will be made on September 8th, 2020. If passed by the community, the secret contracts network upgrade would take place on September 15th, 2020.

This proposed upgrade would make Secret Network the first layer-one blockchain to enable general purpose private computation across a distributed system of nodes equipped with secure enclaves. For the first time, developers will be able to build and deploy “secret" smart contracts that can utilize encrypted inputs, outputs, and state. At the same time, we’re building connections to Ethereum, Cosmos Hub, and other networks, intending to bring our capacity for “programmable privacy” to the entire blockchain universe.

Simply put: Secret Network brings privacy to public blockchains.

Essentially, Secret Contracts enable anyone to use their private data in decentralized applications without revealing the raw data. Data being used in computations throughout Secret Network simply can’t be public.

This event is the culmination of years of research and development work. The Enigma development team has worked tirelessly to bring this functionality to the Secret Network blockchain, and after a series of successful testnets, it is time to bring secret contracts fully into the world.

Read on to learn more about secret contracts, a brief history of recent progress in our community, what’s launching now (secret tokens!) and what happens next.

What are secret contracts?

The vision of the decentralized web is to create a more user-centric and sustainable internet of value. Applications built on distributed networks enjoy the benefit of being robust, unstoppable, censorship-resistant, and transparent. For this reason, blockchains ...

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