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Are you in San Francisco for SFBW? Come to the panel! "App Chains vs. dApps on shards: Cosmos and NEAR discuss two approaches"

App Chains vs. dApps on shards: Cosmos and NEAR discuss two approaches to building blockchain apps.

Currently, there are two main approaches to building decentralized applications. Either the application is built as a dApp on the smart contract layer of an existing chain, or it is built as a separate application blockchain (app chain). The decision may depend on the level of autonomy needed by the application to implement custom technology, token economics and an independent governance model.

This event will feature proponents on both approaches discussing the pros and cons of each approach, with 20 minute audience discussion.

Join us for networking, food and drinks!

Moderated by Peter DePaulo Head of Developer Relations, NEAR Protocol.


NEAR Protocol with Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder.

Cosmos with Zaki Manian, Head of Research @tendermint_team. Working towards secure Proof of Stake with @cosmos.

Polkadot with Robert Habermeier, Co-Founder.

Media Partner: Global Coin Research

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