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Aragon Chain: a proof of stake blockchain for the Aragon community, built on Cosmos

Why Aragon Chain

Ethereum has been critical for Aragon's success so far. Without Ethereum this community wouldn't be where it is today. Aragon was warmly welcomed by the Ethereum community, allowing us to raise funds to continue building Aragon and the Aragon Network. We never forget our origins and will always be forever grateful to the Ethereum community.

We've also given back to the Ethereum community. We build and maintain infrastructure like radspec and aragonOS, which are common goods for the entire community. We started the Aragon Nest grants program, which has funded important work such as Prysmatic Labs (when they were the only team working on 'sharding') or Frame (the best desktop signing provider for Ethereum).

However, those of us working for Aragon have a duty to deliver maximum value to the Aragon community and expand the Aragon Manifesto in the world. While Ethereum was the best and only platform to build Aragon, we now see alternatives that are better suited for our needs and reaching our goals.

Even though the cost of making transactions on Ethereum has increased since we started, the real problem is the inability to predict future cost. 'How much does it cost to use Aragon' is a question that keeps on popping up when talking to users that want to use Aragon to run their organizations, and we aren't able to provide an good answer. Ethereum is almost at capacity at this point in time, if just one dApp manages to get traction and considerable growth, gas prices could increase by two or three orders of magnitude almost overnight. Using Aragon on Ethereum is already way too expensive.

Regardless of what you may have heard on Crypto Twitter, Ethereum is, first and foremost, a developer platform, and one that is still at a fairly early stage. Big changes are still needed (Ethereum 2.0 will change everything) and these changes can and do break things. As it is now well known, the Istanbul hard fork will break close to 5,...

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