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A brand new Explain it like I'm 5 FAQ about Cyber, what it is and how it works

The ELI-5 FAQ for Cyber What is Cyber? How does it work? How to use it?

This guide will, hopefully, answer these and many other questions in very simple terms.

If you want to help, then submitting more questions to this guide can be the best way to do so. To submit questions to this FAQ use GitHub issues. If you don't have a GitHub account or you are unsure how to open an issue, simply tag serejandmyself in our TG channel, and leave your question there.

You may skim through questions, of course, but I recommend you to buckle up your seat belt and read it all. The first section Like google, but Cyber explains everything you need to know to understand how Cyber works.

But, first:

What is a FAQ?

A FAQ is a list of frequently asked question that tries to gather as much as possible information about the project in one place. The purpose of this is to to give the reader a basic overview of a specific subject, and if necessary, refer the reader to more detailed information.

Table of content Like google, but Cyber: What is cyber?

Simple answer: Cyber is a decentralized google. It is an innovative search protocol that can provide provable answers to questions without an intermediary opinion.

Detailed answer: Cyber is a brand new protocol (a procedure that helps computers to do things in a certain way) for adding and searching information onto a knowledge graph (a compilation of facts about something that provides meaning to the user). And rank this information. In other words, it's a decentralized google.

This protocol exists thanks to such technology as blockchain and what is referred to, as content addressing (a way to locate information on the web using the content, rather than referring to its location, by such, avoiding censorship).

But why do we need a new way to search for things? Well, there are 2 reasons. One, we want to decentralize the service of the web. This is social media, ...

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