Variety is the Spice of Blockchain
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Variety is the Spice of Blockchain The team attended the second Moinblockchain conference in Hamburg, attended by many professionals working on some amazing projects in the blockchain and crypto sphere with a special emphasis on women.

The Moinblockchain conference was organised by Moinworld (German for Helloworld) a non-profit organisation that focuses on making the tech world more inclusive and diverse. According to the Forbes report there only 5–7% of cryptocurrency users are women which is not surprising since we have all noticed that at most blockchain events. For example, the North American Bitcoin Conference in January 2018 highlighted 84 speakers, of whom only three were women; the upcoming Edcon in Toronto has so far listed 34 speakers, only two of whom are women. These numbers are not exceptions but an ongoing pattern in blockchain-crypto events around the world. Moinblockchain has set out to disrupt this pattern.

The event aimed to underline the importance of the representation of women in blockchain and tech in general, and we are all stand up and applaud the idea of having a more colourful blockchain world. The majority of talks at Moinblockchain were not focused primarily on women, but on various blockchain topics, from cybersecurity to smart contracts. However, it gave a welcoming platform for some great movers and shakers, most of whom happened to be women.

Additionally, the participation of women at the conference was quite high. Anja Schumann, CEO and founder of Moinworld joked in one of her tweets that the women’s bathrooms at Moinblockchain were actually in use. It was funny (and we were laughing about it while we had to wait in line), but it also shows a realistic picture of how male dominated the blockchain world really is and that much work is still needed in order to change that.

Petra and Nika from at Moinblockchain 2018

There are often many reasons put forward to explain the lack of diversity in the blockchain and crypto world, from “lack of interest” to women being “too averse to risk” etc., but events such as Moinblockchain showed that not only is there interest, there are already many amazing, kickass women doing great things in this sphere. Imagine what would happen if more events were inclusive.

Diversity in our organisations will not only make for stronger teams, but will bring a variety of ideas and problem solving. We need to highlight amazing, diverse talent in our teams, projects led by and for women, People of Colour (POC), LGBT+ and other minority groups that have been continuously left out and support events that work towards being more inclusive, like Moinblockchain. strives to do just that by actively working on team diversity and we are proud that since the beginning, women have made up most of our management and more than a third of our team are women, with 50% as our eventual goal.

Variety is the spice of life and something we need; and, after all, waiting in line to get to the bathroom is a very small price to to pay for bringing diversity into the blockchain tech world.