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Next project shares their vision | Digital Assets Power Play Platform: The Future for Managing Digital Investments

Digital Assets Power Play Platform: The Future for Managing Digital Investments

Nothing good comes easy: learning by doing

Similar to many digital asset investors, we too have been captivated by the immense potential of distributed economy and blockchain technologies. Since then, we’ve been working really hard to develop our own advanced algorithmic trading system and attracting investors to join us in our venture.

During this time, we’ve faced numerous obstacles, from having to explain what Bitcoin means to successfully opening accounts at different exchanges while keeping track to their downtimes and designation. But, all of this helped us in really perfecting our KIP EYE system©, managing delays in placing orders, learning exchange hacks and how to deal with crypto-fiat conversion and associated lack of liquidity. KIP EYE system© is in development for a year and a half, and has proven to be a good and stable solution. In this process we have encountered exchange downtimes, delays in placing orders and general lack of sleep. KIP EYE system© is designed to address these issues.

Exploring the power of blockchain technology

As number of exchanges, assets, trading volumes and volatilities have increased, so has our performance. Slowly, we became more and more enthusiastic about our solution and future that it promises to deliver. However, we still felt that some crucial elements of distributed economy and engagement of community are missing.

At the time, we rocked the stage “old school” — we still managed to attract investors and issuing them with shares by concentrating solely on simple algorithmic trading. But, something was missing in order to put equation to work and it was waiting in front of us the whole time. The blockchain technology.

As algorithmic trading grows in volume daily, we are certain that the crypto market will follow trends seen in old school markets where algo-trading makes for most of the trades. ...

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