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Evolving the Priority Pass

Evolving the Priority Pass™ Individual contribution cap scales with amount of CFI held

The Santiment pre-sale was the second Priority Pass pre-sale for The pre-sale was highly successful and the project collected around 13,000 ETH in 3 blocks, leaving many Priority Pass members wanting.

That is why we worked with the members of our Priority Pass Slack and our projects to find the best way to address their key concerns: more emphasis on the Priority Pass community in the pre-sale, no more waiting, and a higher cap for Priority Pass members that would allow more members to support their favourite projects.

We’re now excited to announce the next iteration of the Priority Pass.

Pre-sale timeline

Crowdsales will be divided into three phases, as shown in the picture below.

Here are the key changes we decided to implement :

The community and Priority Pass phases are now combined. There will still be an unlimited phase, but restricted to Priority Pass members only. The Priority Pass individual maximum will be based on the amount of CFI held.

If a supporter is included in both pre-sale groups, the project community and the Priority Pass community, their individual cap will be a sum of both caps.

Priority Pass limits now based on CFI tokens

The individual Priority Pass cap will scale linearly with the amount of CFI held, with the factor decreasing with size:

from 5,000 to 20,000 CFI the individual cap will scale with a factor of 1.5 from 20,000 to 100,000 that factor will be 1 from 100,000 onwards, the factor will be 0.25.

Any ETH over the limit will be returned to the supporters.

Individual contribution cap scaling

The exact limits will depend on the limits for each project and will be communicated before the crowdsale. You can easily check the amount of CFI in your wallet on the newly released Priority Pass dashboard that also mak...

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