Chia meetup in Hong Kong Tuesday, May 31, 2022

meetup.com3m ago

We're back! Spring has sprung and as Gene Hoffman described it on a recent AMA Chia is a coiled spring waiting to explode! There has been so much news since our last meetup including true peer to peer risk free on chain swaps with offers, version 2.0 of the Chia Business Whitepaper, Chips (Chia Improvement Proposals), Chia Dashboards, Cloud based plotting, Bladebit v2 with storage plotter and of course Chia NFT roadmap and NFT0 roadmap. Saying nothing of the explosion of CATs and pre-NFT tokens!

Discuss these topics and more in the outdoor space (safer for covid) on the roof of IFC in Central at Shake Shack (alcohol is available for purchase there for those so inclined). Whether you are a Chia Blockchain expert or someone who just wants to find out more come join us at the Hong Kong Chia Blockchain Meetup!