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Zenlink Plans to Integrate Chainlink to Power a Cross-Chain DEX on Polkadot

Zenlink Plans to Integrate Chainlink to Power a Cross-Chain DEX on Polkadot

Zenlink, a cross-chain DEX network based on Polkadot, will integrate Chainlink’s widely used Price Feeds to access reliable valuations for assets secured by Polkadot. Chainlink price oracles will be used within financial applications built on top of Zenlink, such as lending applications, automated trading strategies, and various other DeFi products. Chainlink oracles will also play a role in the native protocol functionality of our ZLK token.

Zenlink is a native Polkadot parachain DEX, allowing users to securely swap any asset among parachains. By integrating Chainlink, we are able to further decentralize and expand Zenlink’s financial services through access to highly accurate and transparent decentralized price oracles. This ultimately increases the reliability of our financial products, as they can respond to real world changes in asset prices with high availability and without fear of various data manipulation attacks.

After reviewing other oracle solutions, we selected Chainlink Price Feeds due to the multitude of guarantees they provide, such as:

High-Quality Data sourced from numerous premium off-chain aggregators, giving us extensive market coverage that’s aggregated across all trading environments. Sybil-Resistant Oracle Node Operators run by leading security and blockchain DevOps teams, many of which also run Polkadot infrastructure. Decentralization at both the oracle and data level to ensure no single point of failure in the sourcing and delivering of data to our smart contracts. Transparent Oracle Networks that allow any user or developer to independently verify their real-time performance and how they update prices.

<An example of the Chainlink ETH/USD Price Feed.>

In addition to the features mentioned above, we feel confident using Chainlink’s market leading solution because it’s the most proven and easily integratable oracle netwo...

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