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Orion Protocol Providing Real-Time Price Data to Chainlink

Orion Protocol Is Now Providing Real-Time Price Data From Across the Crypto Market to Chainlink Oracles for Enhanced DeFi Price Discovery

Orion Protocol, the DeFi platform that will provide a gateway to the entire crypto market, is pleased to announce that it’s expanding its existing integration with Chainlink, the market-leading oracle network. In this second phase of integration, Orion Protocol will provide data from its advanced liquidity aggregator to Chainlink’s price oracle networks, adding a source of high-quality data from the entire cryptocurrency market for smart contracts consuming Chainlink Price Feeds. 

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that allows public blockchains and smart contract platforms to use external, off-chain data to trigger on-chain operations without sacrificing on security and reliability. Chainlink Price Feed oracles currently secure billions in value across leading DeFi protocols, including Aave, Synthetix, and

Orion Protocol is a decentralized liquidity aggregator, offering the first non-custodial gateway to all the liquidity available in the crypto market. Orion Protocol will make this possible by aggregating the liquidity of every centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and swap pool in the market. Through Orion’s flagship product, the Orion Terminal, all major exchange liquidity will be aggregated into one decentralized trading terminal. The first iteration of Orion Terminal is now live.

On their advanced liquidity aggregator, Orion Protocol is building a stack of B2B solutions for blockchains, exchanges, and crypto projects, including Orion Oracle. By eventually aggregating every exchange order book and trading pair in the market, Orion Protocol makes Chainlink’s tamper-proof oracle network hyper-resilient to price manipulation due to price derivation across order books. This is incredibly advantageous to external DeFi products that have been regularly exploited due to the i...

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