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Nifty Royale Will Integrate Chainlink Keepers to Automate NFT-Based Battle Royale Games

Nifty Royale is delighted to announce our plan to integrate Chainlink Keepers to fully automate our NFT-based battle royale games in a decentralized and highly reliable manner. Chainlink Keepers is a decentralized service that calls smart contract functions when specific conditions are met. In the case of Nifty Royale, Chainlink Keepers will trigger the execution of elimination rounds after pre-defined periods of time.

We decided to outsource the management of this particular function to Chainlink Keepers because they are operated by the same nodes that service Chainlink Price Feeds, which currently secure tens of billions of dollars in value for leading blockchain projects. Knowing our battle royale games can be fully automated with the highest uptime guaarantees makes our platform more secure and frees up our development team to expand the value it provides to users.

Optimizing NFT Battle Royales with Chainlink Keepers

Nifty Royale is an NFT-based battle royale game meant to support creators who wish to distribute and promote their artwork in an innovative manner. Collectors can buy creators’ limited-edition artwork as base NFTs at specific drop times, with each base NFT then automatically entered into a battle royale for that acorresponding drop. The battle royales are no-loss games where NFTs are randomly eliminated round by round until only one is left with, the eliminated NFTs are out of the running for the prize but collectors will still maintain ownership of the NFTs. The winning NFT is then upgraded, often by fusing with other original artworks featuring animations — creating a unique NFT that is one of a kind (aka. 1/1 edition). Currently, we are planning to launch on mainnet on June 30th for our first battle royale on the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contracts by their very nature are asleep and need to be pinged by an external entity to wake up and execute their coded logic. Chainlink Keepers allow development teams to creat...

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