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New Feature Release: Chainlink VRF, which utilizes verifiable random functions to generate randomness that is verifiable on-chain

We’re thrilled to announce Chainlink VRF, which utilizes verifiable random functions to generate randomness that is verifiable on-chain. We see many great smart contracts benefiting from Chainlink VRF, specifically those that would like to provide proof that they are indeed using a tamper-proof source of randomness beyond their control.

We’d like to thank our academic collaborators, the larger developer community that’s given us feedback on Chainlink VRF and the many team members who have put their efforts into making this initial implementation a working reality, thank you.

Chainlink VRF helps enable and accelerate the development of smart contracts focused on blockchain gaming, security, layer-two protocols and various other use cases. Developers can easily integrate Chainlink VRF to utilize verifiable randomness in their smart contracts through our recently released developer documentation.

The Need for Verifiable Randomness

A security-sensitive mindset is required to create and successfully defend a smart contract against adversaries seeking to steal the funds held by that contract. Smart contract developers using randomness as a key input should also see the manipulation of that randomness as a critical risk. Well made systems relying on randomness would ideally want it to be both provably fair/equally uncertain to all contract participants, while also successfully reducing the risk that an adversary could exploit their contract by predicting its outcomes.

Chainlink VRF seeks to meet both of these requirements by delivering its randomness along with cryptographic proofs that can be verified on-chain, showing that the randomness is indeed unpredictable. Due to the on-chain verifiable nature of Chainlink VRF’s randomness, participating nodes can only withhold a request, for which they would be financially penalized using Chainlink’s upcoming staking capabilities, and possibly removed from future queries that ...

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