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Invest Asia Week Special: Bitgo, Digix, Kyber, Chainlink, RockX, Marlin

Invest Asia Week Special: Super 6 projects who are in town for the week will be on hand to either share or join a panel to discuss topics of current trend and how it relates to their business models.

This will be a pretty intense learning session, so please do come prepared with your questions.


07:00pm to 07:20pm > BitGo Keynote - BitGo wallet and custody platform - Building on crypto to drive the global economy - Learning experiences building WBTC, a fully transparent token for Bitcoin on Ethereum - The future of custodians, defi and adding to the vocabulary of money: from transfers to trading, staking, lending, voting and beyond.

07:20 to 07:35 > Chainlink Keynote

07:30 to 08:00 > 5-minute sharing per project from Digix, Kyber, RockX, Marlin

08:00 onwards > Networking @ District10 under Tower 2. Please head over there for a registration with Torus to enter into the bar venue.

About the keynote speakers,

1) Benedict Chan (CTO of BitGo) Ben leads the 50-strong engineering team at BitGo, driving technological architecture and innovation. He began building Bitcoin projects in 2012, with an early interest in wallet platforms, key management, blockchain identity, and machine-to-machine payments. Prior to joining BitGo, Ben worked at Microsoft on the conversation-understanding platform in Silicon Valley. He has been involved in startups since 2009 at home-grown Zopim (acq by Zendesk).

2) Sergey Nazarov, Founder (CEO)

Smart contracts are tracking to be the leading form of digital agreements for key global industries. The vast majority of useful smart contracts extend beyond the blockchain to connect with external sources including data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. These connected smart contracts access information feeds such as stock prices for financial trades, weather data for insurance contracts, server uptimes for SLAs, an...

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