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Introducing the Chainlink Market!

Thanks to the Community

Before the public launch today, we’ve been reaching out to prominent community members and the endorsed node operators to bootstrap the Market. It’s been overwhelming to see the feedback that we’ve received, to iron out all the early issues, and to develop improvements or features based on the wider feedback from other professional builders and operators within the Chainlink ecosystem.

Calling All Node Operators

You can now list your Chainlink nodes! There’s no centralised vetting process, anyone can list their node now on the Market to be used by end-users of the Chainlink network. You can then further boost Chainlink use-cases by then listing any adapters you create, allowing other node operators to also support them on their own nodes, creating further decentralisation.

The Market has been designed from the ground up to be a completely free-market. List anything and everything. By working together, we will create, support and push towards a thriving Chainlink ecosystem.


To list your Chainlink node on the Market and for it to show within search results, it’s got to be verified. The verification process is a set of on-chain contracts that we’ve built to prove that the node you list is actually a Chainlink node.

The verification process includes a charge, payable in LINK. Costs for the verification are detailed here:

There are two main reasons for why we charge for this process:

We spent a lot of time & effort building the Market, and it’s something that we want to directly monetize. The on-chain verification process isn’t foolproof. It just acts as a hard filter on what can be listed, with a LINK cost there’s more of a deterrent to falsely verify nodes.

In the future, the verification process won’t be the only aspect of the Market that we charge for. We’re already busy planning subscription based products and optional paid features for the Mark...

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