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Hacken Integrates Chainlink to Bring its Security Audit Data On-Chain for DeFi

Hacken Integrates Chainlink to Bring its Security Audit Data On-Chain for DeFi

We are pleased to announce Hacken’s forthcoming Chainlink integration that will make our security audit data about smart contracts, DeFi projects, and cryptocurrency exchanges available on-chain for use by decentralized applications. As a leading blockchain cybersecurity auditing shop, Hacken provides exchanges, wallet providers, and investors data about the underlying security of key pieces of infrastructure, such as informing users whether a DeFi smart contract was audited or generating a score to rate the security of exchanges.

Our integration with Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle network will enable smart contracts from any blockchain to access Hacken’s security data. Developers can easily leverage Chainlink’s existing pool of secure node operators to build in security buffers that protect user funds and/or ensure more secure and reliable transaction/protocol automation based on Hacken data feeds. With the Chainlink Network already consisting of a large user base across many blockchains, including many leading DeFi projects, we’re excited to help bootstrap their ecosystem by offering additional layers of security.

The Need for More Security Options in DeFi

Providing cybersecurity data about DeFi smart contract audits is a crucial part of maturing the DeFi industry. Anonymous developers and yield farming spinoffs can drive speculation, often without regard for security. For average users, information about security and trusted audits is difficult to access, especially in real-time. Hacken aims to supply this data to users on-demand to foster stronger security in DeFi as a whole, ultimately reducing information asymmetry and increasing transparency.

Hacken’s security data product, СER, is the #1 cybersecurity data provider for both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Launched in 2017, CER has audited more than 280 exchang...

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