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GamerHash and Chainlink Bringing NFT Adoption to the Mainstream Gaming Community

GamerHash and Chainlink Bringing NFT Adoption to the Mainstream Gaming Community

We are excited to announce that GamerHash has integrated Chainlink’s BTC/USD Price Reference Data feed into our systems to calculate the profitability of providing different computational resources on our platform. This is the first integration towards a much larger goal of seeding NFT adoption in the mainstream gaming community.

Gamers are intimately familiar with interacting and trading valuable digital assets, making them a prime target to spark another wave of blockchain adoption through the integration of in-game NFT rewards. With over 480k users across 125 countries, GamerHash can introduce the concept of in-game NFTs to a large gaming community. For example, showcasing to game developers how they can use Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to distribute randomized in-game rewards or utilizing match outcomes to mint rare NFTs, which can then be bought and sold on the GamerHash Marketplace. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Rise of NFT and Blockchain Gaming

While DeFi has been the talk of the blockchain industry, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are quickly gaining momentum from innovative developers and enterprises alike wanting to capitalize on this new and relatively untapped market. For the first time in history, anyone with an Internet connection can easily create, own, and trade non-fungible digital assets without any central party responsible for providing custody, tracking authenticity, or controlling distribution. Instead, these core functions are ported onto decentralized infrastructure with open-source code and technological guarantees hardcoded into their underlying design.

The first few years of NFT development was mostly dominated by ERC-721 tokens like CryptoKitties, where users could trade and breed rare digital cats. While that seeded initial value and excitement in NFTs, it can be exponentially increased via the distributio...

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