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Defactor Will Launch a Chainlink Node to Bring Asset Fundamentals and Credit Ratings Data On-Chain

The Defactor team is pleased to announce that we will be launching an official Chainlink node to bring our real-world asset fundamentals and company credit rating data onto leading blockchains. Chainlink is the industry-leading secure blockchain middleware, enabling existing API infrastructure to become easily compatible and accessible on any blockchain. Through our Chainlink node, we can broadcast our data onto blockchains and sell it directly to any smart contract application, as well as cryptographically sign it to prove it originated from our API.

The ultimate vision of Defactor is to tokenize various real-world financial assets, such as invoice financing, loans, and real estate so that new DeFi products can be built around these assets. In order for these tokenized assets to exist, Defactor will supply high-quality datasets on asset fundamentals and company credit rating data on to blockchains, enabling users to better price these assets and trigger event-driven settlement.

For example, smart contracts can use Defactor’s data in novel ways, including to price real-world assets on-chain so they can be used as DeFi collateral for loans or be traded in secondary markets, as well as to support advanced prediction markets and on-chain trading algos revolving around upcoming credit rating updates for companies.

Defactor is a newly launched platform and ecosystem designed for companies to bring their real-world assets on-chain. Our team has extensive fintech and DeFi experience, having already funded more than $7M of assets through DeFi liquidity pools and previously built a global finance platform that originated over $50B of assets annually and was nominated to the Forbes FinTech 50 list. While the Defactor protocol will have phased launches, the first involves real-world assets being brought on-chain to finance invoices through partnerships with Consol Freight and Centrifuge. Afterward, Defactor will support various tokenized real-estate as...

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