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Chainlink VRF launches on Polygon, enabling provably-rare Aavegotchis

Hey frens, the wait is over — Chainlink VRF is live on Polygon (formerly Matic)! Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) is the gold standard for verifiable random number generation, ensuring that traits are assigned to Aavegotchis in a provably unbiased and tamperproof manner by Aavegotchi Portals. This means all users have a fair opportunity of earning rare Aavegotchis, with on-chain proof in the integrity of the process.

An Aavegotchi Portal is a magical NFT that is used to summon an Aavegotchi. Open a Portal to discover ten completely unique Aavegotchis inside. These Aavegotchis enjoy a wide variety of personality traits, visual traits, and even different tokens to stake as collateral.

These variabilities can have a major impact on the overall rarity score and collectible desirability of each Aavegotchi. With so much value at stake, it’s imperative that trait compositions are transparently generated in a truly random and secure way that can be easily verified by users.

That’s where Chainlink and their VRF oracle solution come in.

At the point you open a Portal, the VRF oracle is called on-chain and returns data that is central to determining what the Aavegotchis in that particular Portal will be like. Not only does Chainlink VRF generate a source of randomness, but it generates a cryptographic proof to verify the integrity of the process as being tamperproof. Thus, the oracles, Aavegotchi team, or outside entities cannot manipulate, influence, or predict the traits assigned to new Aavegotchis.

How Portals are Opened in Aavegotchi

By using Chainlink VRF with Polygon, we are able to significantly scale our use of VRF. Our original plan for launching on Ethereum was to only call the VRF a set number of times per day, due to the high cost of VRF on Ethereum. Any opened Portals would have to wait for the next “summoning ceremony” to take place. This offered its own social dynamics opportunities but admittedly limited certa...

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