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BlockBank Will Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink Keepers in its AI-Powered Robo-Advisor

BlockBank is pleased to announce its integration with Chainlink Price Feeds, the industry-leading decentralized oracle solution, to supply BlockBank’s AI Robo-advisor with secure, reliable, and high-quality pricing data. In addition, BlockBank will also utilize Chainlink Keepers to provide options for our regular smart contract maintenance tasks to be outsourced to Chainlink’s decentralized and highly reliable network of professional DevOps.

One of the many in-app features of BlockBank is our AI Robo-advisor, which monitors, gathers, and provides data in real-time based on investment preferences to maximize gains and minimize unnecessary losses. With support from Chainlink, our AI Robo-advisor will have access to the most widely used DeFi benchmark for asset prices when making key decisions. Chainlink Price Feeds not only serve as a highly available and tamper-proof price oracle solution, but they have a proven track record of delivering accurate price updates on-chain despite exchange downtime, flash crash outliers, and data manipulation attacks like flash loans.

Integrating Chainlink Oracles Into BlockBank’s User-Friendly Neobanking DeFi App

BlockBank is on a mission to offer an AI-powered, traditional mobile banking experience with seamless crypto integration. We aim to combine the best of the DeFi and CeFi worlds in one place, incorporating AI technology to bring users financial empowerment in a very simplified manner. Our Robo-advisor puts the analytical power-equivalent of hundreds of highly skilled financial analysts in the palm of our users, leveling the playing field between retail and institutional investors.

Oracles are a vital component to our Robo-advisor making sound data-based recommendations. Integrating Chainlink is critical because its price feeds secure a large portion of the DeFi market, along with its price data having extensive market coverage across centralized and decentralized exchanges. Some of the notable feature...

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