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How to use Ledger Nano S with AdaLite to store Cardano (ADA)

How to use Ledger Nano S with AdaLite to store Cardano (ADA) In order to store your ADA on the Ledger Nano S device, you will need the following: An initialized Ledger Nano S with the latest firmware installed Ledger Live installed and ready to use Ledger Nano S is currently supported only on Google Chrome Download Cardano app onto your Ledger device

Follow the instructions on the Ledger site to install the Cardano app and allow your Ledger device to work with Cardano blockchain.

Access your Cardano wallet on Ledger Nano S with AdaLite Make sure that the site you are visiting is Plug in your Ledger Nano S, enter your PIN code and choose Cardano app. Ledger device should be in Waiting for commands… mode On the AdaLite web page, click on the Hardware wallet tab, under How do you want to access your Cardano Wallet? title. Here click on Unlock with Ledger button. AdaLite will show Loading wallet data… message and wait for inputs from the Ledger device. On the Ledger device, pass the Export public key message by pressing both buttons simultaneously. On the device, Confirm the export of public key to AdaLite by clicking the appropriate button. You successfully accessed your Cardano wallet on the Ledger device. You can see your current balance, past transactions (if any) and your receive addresses. Verify the receive address on your Ledger Nano S with AdaLite Access your Ledger Cardano wallet as described in the chapter Access your Cardano wallet on Ledger Nano S with AdaLite.

Note: If you’re on a mobile version of the app, you have to click on the Recieve ADA tab (mobile version image below).

Click on View more link of any address to see address details. The address detail popup should open and then click on Verify on Ledger link. AdaLite informs you that address is being verified by Verifying address.. message and Ledger device will show you the derivation path and address hash. Confirm that they are cor...
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What is Cardano (ADA)? A beginner's guide

Cardano is a smart contract platform working by the principle of a decentralized world computer. ADA is a cryptocurrency native to Cardano.