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Charles Hoskinson Makes 2030 Predictions, Suggests ”Universal Wallet”

Charles Hoskinson recently played guest in an interview with the blockchain and cryptocurrency news outlet BLOCKTV. In the interview, Hoskinson expanded upon his vision for the future of the wider cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

Hoskinson commented on some developments he foresees for the year 2030

Published on Wednesday, April 10th, this video comes just days after another significant Hoskinson interview previously covered by Toshi Times. In this latest interview, however, Hoskinson also shared his insight on the ecosystem as a whole, predicting how it might change society on a macro-level.

Specifically, the Cardano and IOHK co-founder was asked to describe his ”dream world” in the year of 2030.

Nevertheless, Hoskinson noted that one should not be too deterministic in making predictions about the future – however, he ceded that there is a number of quite reasonable trends that may shape society in the years to come.

First of all, Hoskinson suggested that some cryptocurrency-related fundamentals would likely be improved drastically.

He noted that the scalability, interoperability and quality of the cryptographic protocols that guide the cryptocurrency industry would see ”exponential growth” and eventually reach convergence at a point where the industry has ”pretty good privacy and pretty good scale.”

In addition to this, Hoskinson also remarked on the cryptocurrency wallet capabilities integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S10 and suggested that this will become the norm within three to five years, with ”almost all major cellphone manufacturers [equipping their devices] with  these capabilities.”

Hoskinson predicts the emergence of a ”universal wallet”

Moreover, he also expanded upon the potential prospect of a so-called ”universal wallet” – which represents the convergence of growing interoperability between traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, as well as completely different as...

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