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Cardano Ecosystem Projects Database

Note Index Note 1 This is a simple excel database I created and will be curating. While I originally created this for my personal benefit to stay up-to-date on Cardano projects as a loyal longtime Cardano evangelist, I figured lots of you could also benefit from this information. Note that all the information here is open-source and readily available on the Internet. I have simply compiled it into a sheet. 2 Please do not glean any investment advice from anything you find in this sheet - do your own research! That being said, there may be errors in here (I am only human, I am not Charles :) ). See note #5. 3 The initial list of projects was taken from this graphic released by Coin98 Analytics on 05/12/2021. Thank you to Coin98 :) 4 I will update this list every Sunday EST to include new projects brought to my attention or to fix mistakes/add missing information that is brought to my attention. 5 If you have a correction to suggest or have information for a cell I previously left blank or as "Unknown", please use the following Google form to submit your suggestion. You can also submit new projects you'd like added to this sheet. 6 If this sheet is helpful and has added value to your life, please show your support by delegating your ADA to my stakepool - Infinity Ada Stake Pool - Ticker is [INF] - just three letters "INF" - no numbers :) Visit us at 7 Last updated: 06/24/2021
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