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Bytom Weekly News(August 9th,2019)

Bystack BP Recruitment By now, Bystack has 10 BPs and 21 Standby BPs. More candidates are being accessed. Welcome those partners to participate in Bystack ecosystem. This week, and Longbit announced that they would participate in this recruitment. Check the Vapor network status on Project Development

1. Bytom Chief Architect James attended “Blockchain Tech Co-Op Session 2 which was hosted by ABC and Bytom, he also gave a speech about building smart contracts in UTXO model.

2. Bytom will host Bytom DevCon 2019 on August 24th in SF, if you want to know more about this event:

Dev Report Vapor:

1. Designed monitoring database for side-chain node status ; 2. Discovery of side-chain node status and monitoring node; 3. You can query voting,cross-chain interface, and UTXO address combination display through addresses 4. Explorer optimized the query speed of transaction based on height; 5. Explorer added estimated reward rate for BP voting; 6. Use gomobile to realize the call of mobile end to parse vapor transaction function;


1. Supports the construction of multiple output address transactions; 2. Supports the creation of proposal for single-signature transaction; 3. Provides RPC service for federation transaction management query ;


1. Rewrote the federation service API, and obtained data dependent on RPC interface; 2. Completed account service to obtain SMS verification code API; 3. Completed the account service to reset the account password API;


1. Vapor explorer address page increased voting, cross-chain transaction details, displayed the repeated addresses and combine them; 2. Vapor explorer increased node revenue and social media;


1.Front-end component library, @bytom/cli completed project generation, template renderin...

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