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Progress Report 1 for the Byteball Bot-War from community member genievot!

Greetings everyone,

I am honored to be a part a new competition held by Byteball community Bot-War, I am participating in this and working on an amazing idea that can help the world to make it a better place for everyone. As you know byteball have a lot of GB's TB's to help users like you and me, but now I am thinking to make this help Global so anyone can get it, That's right anyone with real name attestation!

My Idea:-

I am making a donation bot where people from all over the world can post their content to get help from the Byteball Holders. Later on I am thinking to build a pool where Holders can donate and whoever I will cover this part later.

Now let's dig into the idea:

Users can make posts using graphene technology (Steem) and then provide their permalink to my website, then the website fetch data from the chain and then shows it on the website in a beautiful manner and a donation button below it, That button (if clicked) will open bot from your wallet with a link to complete your donation. That's it. "The simple it is the more effective it gets". So now we have the idea so let's start building.

Progress report:

So far these are the pics of the thing I made.

and yeah I didn't forgot my idea of the freelancing on Byteball, It's just that I am not getting proper time to start it 😊


Github repo of this project:- here Bot War Competition announcement:- here Byteball development tutorials:- here

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