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OBITS Holders: VOTE! How To


Every OBITS Holder received a Memo on BitShares with login credentials to vote on the future of OBITS

How To Vote Visit OpenLedger and Login to your Account Unlock your Account Find Transaction from obits-voting and click the green Transfer Button

Scroll in this overview until you've found the Memo, it contains your user name and password.

NOTE: If the password does not work, you most likely copied a blank space! Make sure to double check!!

You can now vote.

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Here's what I voted for

This should be obvious to everyone, but let me point it out. bitUSD guarantees a favorable cost-average conversion, unlike a high volatile asset like BitShares. We should get more value via bitUSD.

50/50 Buyback & Burn/Sharedrop

Simply because it's my usual strategy with dividends assets. Keep 50%, reinvest 50%.


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