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Trezor Blog: Sources Say “Orange Coin Good!” New Bitcoin-Only Firmware Now Available

The community has spoken, and once again, we deliver! We are thrilled to announce that the beta version of our new Bitcoin-only firmware is now available to download for both Trezor One and Trezor Model T. We aim to introduce a stable version of Bitcoin-only firmware in the next month’s release.

From now on, we will be producing four different versions of firmware — regular (full altcoin support + U2F/WebAuthn) and Bitcoin-only, for both Trezor One and Model T.

We have created a customized version of both our firmware and Wallet designed for everyone who supports the idea of Bitcoin. Every Bitcoin maximalist can now enjoy the Wallet interface with nothing else but Bitcoin. All the features of Trezor One and Model T available just the way you like it; Bitcoin only.

How to install Bitcoin-only firmware

We recommend testing your recovery seed in a dry-run recovery before updating the firmware. It’s also essential to note that after installing Bitcoin-only firmware, all your other coins will disappear from the Wallet interface — but don’t worry! The private keys to your altcoins remain protected within your Trezor. The regular Trezor firmware is required to access your altcoins. You can swap between the regular firmware and Bitcoin-only firmware as many times as you like.

There are two ways of installing the Bitcoin-only firmware. You can use either Trezor Wallet or trezorctl (advanced users).

You will need: Trezor Model T running version 2.1.0 or newer, or Trezor One Access to Trezor Beta Wallet or trezorctl The correct firmware installation file for your device — Trezor One or Trezor Model T Installation process using Trezor Wallet: Visit and connect your Trezor. If you are using Trezor Model T and your firmware version is lower than 2.1.0, upgrade to the latest offered version via web-wallet first! Type “custom_firmware” after your Trezor device ID in the URL. Download the firmware install...
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