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Testing the SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet | Review

Testing the SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet | Review

Hidden Accounts, Exposed XPubs, Leaked Keys, and Other Shenanigans

by @vicariousdrama



The SecuX V20 is the flagship hardware wallet offering from SecuX, which is a relative newcomer having been established in 2018. The device has a large touch screen color display, a battery to operate offline/disconnected, and interfaces with host over USB or Bluetooth. It touts an Infineon secure element chip that has been CC EAL5+ certified. While on the bulky side as far as wallets go, it looks pleasant, yet dated and resembles an oversized coaster or flattened hockey puck.

This article isn’t an unboxing or a walkthrough of user features. For that, I direct your attention to the user manual or assorted videos on your favorite video streaming site. What I will cover however are some security and privacy concerns I ran into while testing out this wallet. For anyone using a hardware wallet, security is a significant concern, and is often tempered with usability depending on needs of the individual. It is my hope that you learn something here for not only the SecuX wallets, but also the things look for while choosing the best hardware wallet for you.

The Testbed

Let me start off by stating that I usually do all my testing in production. This is more of a personal choice due to limited resources, and it forces me to pay extra special attention to what I’m doing. In this case, there isn’t a way to run testnet if I wanted to as the device doesn’t support it.

While this device supports Bluetooth, I don’t make use of it in testing. It’s probably super handy for pairing with mobile devices but considering the bulkiness of the SecuX, I found that I’d likely be sitting at my desk anytime I wanted to operate it.

USB was the sole means of interfacing that I chose, and only with browser based capabilities as that offers the full feature set and is cross platform. Continue on

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