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Separately Managed Accounts infrastructure comes to Bitcoin investing

Being a crypto fund manager is hard—the traditional tools that you expect for managing clients just aren’t there yet. SFOX is changing that: we’re making it easier for crypto fund managers, traders, and service providers to get an edge. In that spirit, we’re introducing the Separately Managed Account Solution, allowing fund managers to design and administer fully personalized crypto trading strategies for every one of their clients and manage them from a single login.

The Separately Managed Accounts Solution helps crypto professionals to scale their businesses by reducing operational costs: now, crypto managers and administrators can manage everything from clients’ trading strategies to comprehensive, tax-friendly transaction reports, all from a single login portal.

This new crypto tool will be transformative for fund managers, administrators, and traders alike. Here’s why:

Are you a fund manager? The Separately Managed Account Solution could transform your client relationships:

Provide customized investment strategies for each client Use enhanced tax-reporting products to take taxes into consideration when making portfolio management decisions Manage multiple accounts from a single interface

Are you a crypto investor? SFOX’s new tool could provide you with a new way to introduce professional management into your trading life without sacrificing control over your funds:

Invite financial team members to help manage your portfolio Hire dedicated investment advisors to help manage your portfolio Provide custom, permissioned account access to accounting firms, portfolio managers, treasurers, tax advisors, and more

Are you a crypto service provider? Now, you may be able to scale more efficiently by cutting operational costs and needless complexity.

View and manage all clients’ transaction histories from a single account portal Save time and money through SFOX’s unified transaction reports Trade in a suite of third-part...
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