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Run your own Bitcoin alerts, watchlist and portfolio service with Coinwink open-source

Crypto Alerts, Watchlist and Portfolio Tracking App

Coinwink was first built as a Wordpress web-app in 2016, and even now (2020) it continues to run on the same stack.

While it is tempting to switch to Laravel + Vue, the current Wordpress + jQuery stack runs great. It is fast and has some good ways for further optimization. Also, it is easy to maintain and update.

Only the front-end and user accounts (25k+) are on Wordpress. The backend scripts, responsible for alerts delivery, are independent PHP files.

This repository includes all of the Coinwink app's source code, minus the payments module and a captcha plugin.


Make a fresh Wordpress install. Git clone or manually copy all files from this repository to your Wordpress installation folder. In the theme's header.php file, edit the coinwinkEnv variable and set the homePath variable to your Wordpress location. Update auth_sql.php file with your database login details. First of all, in Wordpress "Settings->General" check "Anyone can register". Only then activate Coinwink login plugin. Finally, activate Coinwink theme.


Open your Wordpress site in your browser. You should see the Coinwink app.

The order of the Quickstart steps is important. Otherwise, you will lock yourself out of Wordpress admin panel. On Coinwink theme activation, it automatically creates the required pages and sets them to use the correct templates. Additionally, it creates database tables and adds an example CoinMarketCap dataset and example currency rates. It also promotes the admin user to Premium. Further on, you can modify users directly in the database.

More info

To get new market price data from CoinMarketCap (for alerts, portfolio, and watchlist), register for the Free CMC API plan, and then update your auth_cmc.php and auth_sql.php files with your credentials.

To fetch new data from CMC, run cron_data_cmc.php script.

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