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Report: Catalonian National Movement Seeks Donations in Bitcoin (BTC), Already Amassed more than 80k BTC

Those who wish to send their donations should do so in bitcoins for the cause. Carles Puigdemont tops the list of benefactors of the fund. Even with a lot of boasting over transparency, they (network) haven’t publicly accounted for the contributions.

The Spanish news outlet –El Confidencial, published a report on October 18, 2018, saying that the 130th President of the republic of Catalonia told the public that those who intend to channel their donations should do so in bitcoins since times have become sturdy for the sentimental Catalonian network.

Bitcoin used for a National Cause

No state or government monitors cryptocurrency, which makes digital currencies an ideal fit for sending donations by creating an opaque wallet that is untraceable. Thus receiving the donations through crypto transactions would hide all transactions from third parties.

Additionally, another considerable fact why bitcoin (BTC) donations are the way to go for the network is because the data is encrypted. The website for Catalonia’s secession from Spain continues to describe bitcoin transactions as a haven for black money and hidden money operations.

Although bitcoin stands as an independent cryptocurrency, one can exchange it for dollars and other fiat currencies.

According to the Spanish news firm, the Catalonian network tried to delete all online information about them. Nevertheless, it wasn’t entirely successful as some of their data and businesses remained trapped in the web.

Accountability is key in handling of public funds, and the Catalonian network site continues to describe a fundamental list of beneficiaries. Among the top benefactors of the fund include the 130th president of the republic of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont.

The Catalonian network plans to use the money to go into paying legal fees as well as solve other essential needs for sustaining the network’s operations.

Additionally, to promote limpidity in th...

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